Dr. Benjamin Hart, Assistant Principal

In a recent op ed column in the New York Times - "Is Algebra Necessary?" - Andrew Hacker argues against making algebra a required course for high schoolers to complete for graduation.  

Algebra, as many of us will recall with varying degrees of pain or pleasure, is that branch of “pure mathematics” that often has one manipulate variables, solve for x, solve for x, and graph equations.

As a staple of education in modern Western and Eastern nations, Hacker’s claim should strike us as little less than shocking.  But why would a well-educated CUNY prof make such a claim?

X reasons are discernible in Hacker’s piece...

No doubt folks have already seen the video posted on Youtube this spring where a group of Middle School students in NY bullied their bus monitor, Karen Klein.  If you haven't, you'll find the video here(Although, be warned: it's deeply troubling; this blogger only made it through about 10 seconds of the 10 minute video.)

It isn't enough to discuss appropriate discipline for these children: we must also try to understand the "hows" and "whys," and an excellent blog by John M Grohol, PsyD, discusses the psychology surrounding the incident.  Although Grohol neglects to mention a central issue -- sin -- his explanation sheds light on bullying and the perfect storm that could occur when the following factors are mixed together:

A great post from the Prayer Book Society USA by Roberta Bayer, who is editor of Mandate Magazine and Assistant Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College

Bayer writes, "A Christian classical education which moves hearts to love of God, teaches prudence and moderation, diligence in study, the history of mankind all as a preparation for a theological education in divinely revealed truth is proper to humans who are made to know Him."  ...read the entire article here.